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Botanical Art Worldwide – Exhibitions, Book, Open Day

At last May has arrived and after a lot of work by our artists, mentors, framers, (and the committee!), our exhibition at the National Botanic Gardens will be officially opened this weekend on 05 May, by Dr Liam Lysaght, Director of the National Biodiversity Data Centre. Opening to the public on 06 May, the exhibition will run until the 27th. Forty-eight native plants, painted by 43 artists, will feature in the exhibition. The book that we’re publishing to coincide with the exhibition contains all the paintings, plus articles by Irish organisations involved with botanical, environmental and biodiversity issues, plus articles and paintings from the other 24 participating countries. On the 18th, which is the official Worldwide Day of Botanical Art, we’ll hold an open day at our exhibition, where artists will provide demonstrations of how they work; Zoe Devlin (Wildflowers of Ireland) will provide a tour of the exhibition, and there’ll be a chance to see paintings from all the other exhibitions from around the world. For more details, check our Éireannach page and our Calendar.

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