Watercolour pencil, crayon, gouache on board.  The flowers I am working with dictate the medium and composition used.

The subject of my art is studies of fresh flowers and foliage. The freshness and authenticity is a vital ingredient of my success. Each plant portrait is an accomplished and unique work. All have been created in my own distinct style developed over fifteen years of full time botanical painting and a lifetime of drawing. I am inspired, every single time I walk outside my door, by the wonder of our beautiful world.

I have a primary degree in History of Art and Archaeology and an MA from University College Dublin. I have been creating works of art in many media since my days as a fine art student at Crawford School of Art Cork. I’m a full-time botanical artist since 2005 and live in Donnybrook. My paintings have been sold to every part of the world and I have a loyal clientele in Ireland.

I exhibit my own paintings with Merrion Square open-air art exhibition every Sunday, winter and summer, weather permitting.  I have a range of notebooks, gift-cards and stationery which I sell at ‘Gifted’ in the RDS in early December. You will be able to find me, and a sample of all of my work, in the outdoor retail section of ‘Bloom in the Park’ in the summer. I also have had an active part in every exhibition that the Irish Society of Botanical Artists has held since its foundation.

Irish Society of Botanical Artists
The Royal Horticultural Society of Ireland