Verre Églomisé/reverse painting on glass, watercolour, oils, print making (nature print).

My work is inspired by the minutiae of wild plants. I explore the detail, colour and form within the realm of the Irish environment. My wish is to share with the viewer my fascination with the beautiful and bizarre in a world which we all too easily take for granted.

I have been painting detailed portraits of wild plants since the 1990s. My love of and interest in botanical art stemmed from my work as a signwriter where plant themes were common in decorative design. I capture Irish wild plants in their habitat, making precious those plants which we all to easily dismiss as weeds.

As well as working in watercolours and oils I also specialise in ‘painting on glass’, a technique I have been developing since my signwriting years. Verre Églomisé/reverse painting on glass has been known since Roman times. It entails painting and gilding on the back of clear glass and was commonly used in the signwriting trade, especially in Victorian times.

I teach a variety of watercolour painting techniques as well as drawing from nature. The purpose of my work is to raise awareness of the wonders of nature and especially the wild plants of Ireland and the habitats that are constantly under threat.

My paintings are in a number of collections including the Dr. Shirley Sherwood Collection at Kew Gardens, London;  the Office of Public Works; Wicklow Mountains National Park; the National Botanic Gardens, Dublin; Connemara National Park; HSE Community Nursing Unit at Clonskeagh.
I recently won the Adams Auctioneers Award at the Watercolour Society of Ireland Annual exhibition as well as a gold medal at Bloom for my watercolour works.
My most recent solo exhibition took place at the Olivier Cornet Gallery in Dublin

The Irish Society of Botanical Artists
Visual Artists Ireland
Dublin Painting and Sketching Club
Signal Arts Centre Society
The Watercolour Society of Ireland
Dublin Naturalists Field Club

Studio: 01 281 9282