Dr Martyn Rix launches Heritage Irish Plants/Plandaí Oidhreachta and declares the exhibition open

In 2015, the Irish Society of Botanical Artists and The Irish Garden Plant Society joined forces in a project titled Plandaí Oidhreachta, to celebrate our Heritage Plants. We wanted to highlight the wealth of good Irish Garden Plants and celebrate the beauty of botanical illustration. In late 2016, the end product of the collaboration was an exhibition of the original paintings and the publication of the accompanying book.

Just before the opening: the beautifully curated exhibition of the paintings, which ran in the Visitor Centre of the NBG for three weeks in late 2016

An informed and informative foreword by Charles Nelson sets the tone for the book, which features articles on a variety of plant themes that highlight Irish Garden Plants, especially those that have come into being since the year 2000. Our latest snowdrops, dahlias and sweet pea are featured along with primroses, iris and daffodils. Articles on woody plants and those that have been selected from native flora are also included. The articles are written by well-known and greatly experienced plantsmen and plant breeders; the cultivars and varieties of the plants are portrayed by our artists.

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Auricula ‘Old Irish Blue’
(c) Deborah Lambkin

Anemone ‘Robinsonian’
(c) Glynis Robins

Iris ‘Killiney’
(c) Jane Stark